Cruise Documentation

Do You Know the Required Travel Documents for a Cruise?

The required travel documents may be different at each port of call and it’s up to the cruisers to bring the appropriate travel documents when they embark on the cruise. So let’s make sure we have the appropriate documents. The last thing we want are delays when it comes to a vacation… right?

When you travel on a cruise, it is our responsibility as travelers to have the proper documentation. 
Not having it can result in:
  • Not being able to board the ship.
  • No entry granted when arriving to scheduled destinations. 
  • Not being able to reach the ship, for example if you need to fly to a different country to board the ship. 
  • And what’s worst, possibly not getting a refund. 
Keep in mind that each cruise line has its own policies so the best thing to do is be safe. Ok enough of the bad stuff. Let’s get to it and list the things you need in order to be ready. 

First things first.​

Check your Passport Validity

Cruise lines highly recommend your passport is valid for at least six months beyond completion of travel, some countries require even more so make sure you get informed as this will depend on your destination.
This could help prevent delays for cruisers returning to the U.S. if their passport only has two months of validity left, for example. Here is another good reason, what if you missed your embarkation and need to fly to the next stop or if you need to leave the cruise early. Having a valid Passport with plenty of time left will save you plenty of headaches, so please just be prepared with plenty of time. 

Have a General Idea of the Required Documents

The required travel documents for a cruise vary depending on whether your are a U.S. citizen or not and your destination. Please note that this list will give you a general idea of the basics that are needed, but always check with the cruise line to be absolutely certain and to see what additional documents are needed.

U.S. citizen
  • A valid U.S. passport (remember to have plenty of time left until expiration date, to be safe)
    • Other proof of citizenship is acceptable in lieu of a passport, including Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) documents, along with Trusted Travel Program documents. Find a list of those here.
  • ​A real ID, especially if flying domestic to embarkment. 

U.S. permanent residents
  • U.S. Permanent Resident Card (also referred to as a Green Card or ARC Card)
  • A passport from your home country (not required, but many cruise lines strongly recommend this)
​​Additionally, cruisers may need a travel visa or to fill out an entry form, based on the country or countries they’re traveling to.

ASK… don’t assume.

Don’t ass-u-me anything as this can get you in trouble. If you are not sure on what to have, make sure and ask your travel agent and they will be more that happy to help. 

And now… we wish you happy TRAVELS from Infinity Travel.